Tips for perfect preparation

Enjoying your coffee…
Ultimately how you like to drink your coffee is how you should drink it! Whether it’s black or with milk, double or single shot. However, the Mozzo Masters would recommend using fresh (and ideally locally sourced) whole milk to give maximum sweetness and body. Or alternatively try a plant based milk, such as soya, oat, almond or coconut.

 Prep instructions for best results…

- Use filtered tap water but if your tap water is particularly hard then use natural spring bottled water (recycle after!)

- If you have time, warm your coffee cup before you begin with some hot water.

- We also recommend flushing your machine before use (use machine without a capsule inserted so pure water moves through & rinses the system).

- Don’t forget to turn off your machine after use to save energy. 

- Refer to manufacturers guidelines on how best to use your capsule machine.

For any other queries on using your magic Mozzo Coffee capsules please visit our FAQ page or get in touch.