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Rebuild Women's Hope

Callum Thorn

Rebuild Women's Hope Cooperative was established in 2013 and is located in South Kivu/Bukavu/Idjwi- South province. It is a group of women working to enhance women's work by fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and empowerment to raise household living standards; given that the income held by the woman has a 90% impact on the life of the whole family.

However, in some communities tradition plays a prominent role; this makes it very important that women's development is given little importance despite their appreciable abilities: physical, moral, social... During this time, the same woman was given heavy responsibilities, notably in the food and maintenance of the family; children's education and schooling.

The woman was; On the other hand, it is not the first victim of repeated wars in eastern Congo (victims of rape, discrimination and source of several diseases such as STDs) in both urban and rural areas; Rebuild Women's Hope aims to do so; At the same time; Raising awareness of women's physical health Mental intellectual.

In light of all this, Rebuild Women's Hope firmly believes that increasing a woman's real income and improving her standard of living by reviving agricultural activities and income generators in different villages would be a solution for this woman who is entitled to a fulfilling life for her household.

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