Mozzo Capsules

Callum Thorn

The journey...

Our adventure started in 2005 with the world's first wind and solar powered art covered coffee cart and a clear commitment to build a positive impact company…

Sourcing and sharing remarkable coffee experiences across the UK (and beyond) from our home at Mozzo World in Hampshire, we small batch roast a series of espresso, filter and capsule blends using some of the finest coffees available.

A little shot of magic...

Launched to provide an easy way to enjoy consistent high quality coffee at home, our range of capsules aim to create a positive impact beyond simply enjoying the freshest single serve coffee experience. Encased in 100% aluminium, our capsules are fully recyclable, enabled by our own closed loop recycling scheme and we invest 1p per capsule into our own C2C Fund™ ensuring a beneficial effect is created throughout the coffee value chain.

Mozzo Coffee capsules are suitable for use with all Nespresso®* Original compatible machines.

*Trademark of third party brand with no link to Mozzo Coffee.

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